Volks Burger @ Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

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It is always good to discover something new. Drum roll please…..as we present to you the one month old Volks Burger, somewhere in the depths of the city. While the city really does not need another burger joint since there seems to be one sprouting every week, this one is a wee different since it is housed in a converted Volkswagen Combi van, hence its moniker.

20130828-101729 PM.jpgnyum nyum

The pull factor is definitely the cool retro van outfitted to look like a cousin of Bob Blumer’s toaster van. Since it is located on the main thoroughfare of Ampang, you’ll definitely give it a second glance and return to check it out. The food truck is run by two friendly dudes. Once you place your order, they’ll start cooking at the back of the van. Unlike those unidentifiable burger patties from Ramly, these ones are just chunks of meat (beef or chicken) thrown on the hot griddle and smashed. Hmmm, I can see some similarities with myBurgerlab but in this case, it’s a rather flatter patty.

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The menu is a relatively small one and yes, like one potential customer complained, there’s no egg banjo nor hotdogs here. Their specialties are the volcano bacon burgers – beef patty layered with mozzarella cheese, then cheddar cheese and beef bacon slices. The patty is about 150grams, while their double special or legendary burger consists of double patties weighting 160grams each, with loaded cheese and bacon. They also serve a chicken patty about 120 grams with chicken ham and cheese. The buns get steamed first and subsequently grilled on the hot plate, for a softer bite. Prices range from RM11.90 to RM23.90 for the legendary version.

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What you get at the end of the wait is a super messy burger that can give Om Burger a fight for the monies. Eat at your clothes peril! The whole ensemble has a less greasy taste, but I didn’t fancy the chilli sauce used to drown the taste of the beef. The next time I’ll lose the chilli sauce. Honestly I’ll say the burger is decent but it won’t move the earth for you, since our tastebuds are now spoiled by superb burgers from myBurgerlab. Nevertheless, the novelty of the place will make up for it, and it is still a rather satisfying meal.

Volks Burger
Van in front of the car wash
Between Suzy’s Corner and Restoran Ruz Aladdin
Ampang (underneath the flyover of MRR2, next to intersection)
Kuala Lumpur

Open: 5.30pm to 12.00am (Tuesdays to Fridays), 4.30pm to 12.00am (Saturday and Sunday). Closed on Mondays.

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Demam Raya di bulan Syawal

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Masih tidak lewat untung mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada anda semua. Harap kita semua sudah selesai dengan puasa ganti dan sunat 6. Bila sebut raya memang sinonim dengan rumah terbuka tapi ada juga rumah tertutup tapi tak mengapa yang penting niat kita macam mana kan!

20130825-082843 PM.jpg

Orang ramai bila masa raya kecoh dengan ketupatnya, lemang, kuah kacang dan sebagainya tapi kami keluarga MAT YAMAN

20130825-083103 PM.jpg lain macam siket kami masa raya makan Nasi Minyak sape pulak nak kawin kan? 😜
Agaknya masing-masing mengidam masa bulan puasa itu yang lepas geram bila bulan syawal.

Antara menu di Hari Raya:-

20130825-083514 PM.jpg Nasi Minyak

20130825-083634 PM.jpg Sambal Ikan Bilis – warna merah yang pekat dan ditambah dengan pedas nye! Hmmmpph

20130825-084054 PM.jpgAyam Merah

20130825-084240 PM.jpgDaging Rendang

20130825-084326 PM.jpgRendang Kerang ala Jawa yang ni memang tak tipu Sumpah PEDAS

20130825-084434 PM.jpgPulut Kuning

20130825-084443 PM.jpgKari Ayam

20130825-093307 PM.jpg